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Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy, is a tourist destination renowned all over the world.

The Northern part of the lake is surrounded by mountains whose highest peaks rise to 2000 m. The Southern part, situated to the north of the Po Valley, is wider and encircled by the hills which make the landscape even more stunning.
Thanks to its geographic structure, Lake Garda has so much to offer and it is a byword for sport, relax, entertainment and culture.

The landscape, the genuine atmosphere and the natural rhythm of life have always charmed the visitors.

For anyone looking for a holiday that combines the wonders of nature, offering rich culture and thrilling sporting adventures, and above all the chance to relax on Lake Garda, Malcesine is the place for you. Lake Garda’s climate is surprisingly mild: summers are hot but breezy, whilst winters are temperate, making this fascinating destination the ideal place for a holiday at any time of the year.

The geography of Lake Garda

The geography of Lake Garda is surprisingly varied, contrasting the flat southern shore with the sheer mountain rock faces of the north, creating the perfect balance of natural landscapes and human settlements.

The northern part of Lake Garda is enclosed by the imposing mountains, their summits rising to over 2,000 m. At the southern end, on the vast plain of the river Po, the lake widens out and is enclosed by smaller rolling hills, creating a gentler landscape.

The lake stretches 52 km from north to south and up to 16 km at its widest point. The changing colours of the waters and the surrounding landscape blend together like a painting.

The green hills, vineyards and mountains merge seamlessly into the shores of the lake.

The Sarca river, which rises at the foot of the mighty Adamello glacier, is the most important of the lake's 25 tributaries, the most famous of which might be the Aril, renowned as being the shortest river in the world. The Mincio river plays the vital role as the only outflow of Lake Garda.

Lake Garda is not just Italy’s largest lake, it is also the second deepest, reaching a maximum depth of 365 metres.

We recommend the fantastic tour of the 5 small islands of Lake Garda: Olivo, Sogno, Trimelone, Garda and San Biagio.
The first three are between Malcesine and Assenza, close to San Felice del Benaco.

What is the best time of year for a holiday in Malcesine on Lake Garda?

The best time of year for a holiday in Malcesine on Lake Garda is usually in the summer (from June to August), which is the most popular tourist season due to the warm temperatures and the chance to enjoy outdoor activities like swimming in the lake, as well as the general lively, bustling atmosphere in the town.

In spring the days are cooler whilst the landscape bursts into life in a riot of colours, the ideal time for hiking, cycling and sailing. But autumn is also a great time of year to visit Malcesine, when the rich colours add to the beauty of the scenery and the temperatures are still very pleasant.

What is the climate of Lake Garda and Malcesine?

There is a local saying that “the Mediterranean begins at Lake Garda” and in terms of the climate this is certainly true for visitors coming from northern Europe.
Protected by this pleasant Mediterranean climate, Lake Garda is a dream holiday destination even in autumn or winter.

You will be wowed by the intense flavours, welcoming atmosphere and enchanting landscapes which the snow brings when it covers the nearby mountains in a soft, white blanket.

The temperatures on Lake Garda are influenced by its enormous size and are generally pleasant even in summer thanks to the breeze blowing from the nearby mountains, whilst winters are mild, creating a pleasant climate for visitors at any time of year.

Malcesine, sitting on the eastern shore of the lake, benefits from the way the lake regulates the temperature. This means that they rarely fall below freezing in winter or rise above 30°C in summer.

Malcesine is ready to welcome you for a delightful lake-side holiday at any time of year.
You can indulge your passion for nature, art, culture, sport, entertainment and, of course, local cuisine in our finest restaurants!

Treat yourself to an adventure on Lake Garda, discovering its many charms and hidden treasures. See you soon!

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