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In recent years, raising awareness about respecting the environment has become paramount, and many people choose sustainable and nature-conscious tourism.
We, too, are thinking about the future of our planet and, living in this paradise that is Lake Garda, we can only endorse the idea of an environmentally sustainable vacation.
Malcesine preserves and protects its unspoiled nature. With its expanses of olive trees, Mount Baldo, and its beaches with crystal-clear water. Ours is a magnificent territory, all to be safeguarded.

How do you plan an environmentally sustainable vacation at Lake Garda?

  • First you can choose a more sustainable means of transportation, that is, the train.
    There is no station in Malcesine, but you can get to the nearest resort and reach Lake Garda by shuttle bus, or you can ask your hotel for a transfer service.
    Once you reach Malcesine, you will immediately realise how pleasant it is to get around on foot. A good sustainable alternative is to rent a regular or electric bike.
  • Choose a sustainable hotel. You can opt for a sustainable accommodation facility that has knowingly chosen renewable energy sources, sustainable furniture, and materials, plastic free, zero-mile food for less environmental impact.
  • Another highly sustainable behaviour is to immerse oneself in Lake Garda culture by fostering its economy, making your purchases at local shops and directly from local producers. It is a pleasant way to learn about the traditions and daily life of the people living around the lake.
  • Also, choose restaurants that serve food and wine from the area. Even this is environmentally sustainable tourism at Lake Garda!
  •  If you love the environment and nature, it will be a breeze to keep the environment in mind. While hiking on Mount Baldo or while on the beaches of Malcesine, remember to leave them clean, and do not leave any waste harmful to the ecosystem.
    Do not pick flowers or collect “souvenir” pebbles. Respect wild animals, do not disturb them in their natural habitat.
    Prefer water bottles for water, and for your picnics, reduce plastic consumption.

More and more sustainable travel is being undertaken each year. With a bit more awareness and organisation, it is easy to turn your holiday into a sustainable one.
Small gestures made by more people reduce the negative impact on the environment. Spread the word!

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