The astronomical observatory on Mount Baldo. Look up!


Explore the wonders of the universe from the Astronomical Observatory on Mount Baldo.
How many times in summer have you looked at the stars in the evenings and wanted to know more about them?
About one hour from Malcesine, you have the chance to admire the stars from a special vantage point, far from light pollution, at an altitude of 1,208 metres above sea level.

It is the Angelo Gelodi Astronomical Observatory on Mount Baldo, located in Novezzina Natural Science Park. Here you can discover all the magic of the universe.

Circolo Astrofili Veronesi “A. Cagnoli” is the scientific association that manages the project and takes care of all technical and informative activities.

Volunteers who welcome visitors to the Observatory on Mount Baldo are eager to answer your questions about the solar system. With enthusiasm and passion, they organize meetings and events for groups of people, families and children who are curious about astronomy.

When can you go inside the Observatory on Mount Baldo?

You can check the calendar of initiatives and book a guided tour from April to September by e-mail.

Every meeting has a theme and each event is focussed on a particular topic. At 9 p.m. they start with fascinating astronomical descriptions during which you gaze up with your naked eye. This is followed by observation of the stars, the moon, planets, and constellations through telescopes.

After an evening at the Angelo Gelodi Observatory, you will remember how to spot the North Star, or how to recognize constellations and celestial bodies with your naked eye. It will be an exciting and unforgettable moment.

Throughout the year, the Observatory on Mount Baldo conducts scientific research activities, organizes meetings with schools, private conferences, and coordinates summertime internships.

A useful tip: the observatory is located at an altitude of 1,200 metres above sea level, so even in summer it is a good idea to bring a sweater!

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