To Punta Telegrafo on Mount Baldo


Tour descripton

The tour starts from the car park next to the soccer fields in Cassone taking the first uphill street. After a few meters, when you reach the tennis fields, turn left on a uphill paved street, pass through a meadow until you find a mule track. Follow the road signs to Malga Zovel: path 654.
Go up for about 4 kilometers on a mule track without leaving path 654. Be careful as some sections present steep slopes.

You'll end up on the meadow below Malga Zovel, pass through it and walk to the south until you reach the paved street Punta Veleno. Walk upward to the end of the hairpin and when the road becomes flat you find on your left the road signs to Telegrafo and Ferrata delle Taccole: path 654.

Follow the path until you reach a white road on a beech forest. You get to a clearing with a mountain pasture, after three hundred meters, take the path on the right leading you back in the forest where the path becomes a single track.

At the crossroads with road signs to Forcelin, turn right and keep on going up, following the road signs to Telegrafo.

The path alternates gravel and trail. At the junction with road signs to Baito Buse and Turri, keep left following path 654. There you'll see the amphitheater under Cima Telegrafo, keep going up until you reach the refuge which is just in front of you.

Cima Telegrafo is situated immediately above a refuge having the same name. Go up following the path behind the refuge.

You can either ascend or descend following the road signs to Forcelin. This section is harder but it is a lot more panoramic.Going up or down from Forcelin will extend the route and you'll need half an hour more. Forcelin is usually recommended for expert hikers.

Tour starting point

Cassone, at the soccer fields.
Cassone is situated 4 km to the south of Malcesine.
When you get to River Aril, in Cassone, take the uphill street to get to the church. Turn right and reach the soccer fields, where you can find a car park.

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