The peaks of Monte Baldo


Route description

From the top station of the Malcesine Monte Baldo cable car, start walking south and stay on path 651.

After a few metres downhill, you will start ascending the ski slope Pozza della Stella. After about 3km, you get to Pozzette Peak. From here go on at the same height until you reach the Longino Peak.

Now the path changes and you walk along the eastern slopes until you reach Valdritta peak.

Just before you get to Valdritta, there is a short piece of path furnished with hand wires.

At the foot of Valdritta, we recommend you come off CAI 651 and take the path that goes up hill on the right which will bring you to the top in 15 minutes, the highest peak of the Monte Baldo range.

From path 651, in an hour you can walk to Telegrafo.

The Telegrafo Refuge "Gaetano Barana" is just under the peak and has been run since 2013 by the people of Equipe Natura.
The Refuge is closed in the winter.
Before setting off, check if the Refuge is open by calling 349 1389629 or 045 7731797.

Suggestions for the return trip

  • Carry on heading south until you reach Localita Due Pozze: + 3 hours.
    Get organised the day before and bring a car to Due Pozze to get home with.
  • From the Telegrafo Refuge, go downhill along cai path 654 until you reach the Val Trovai road: + 3hours.
    Get organised the day before and bring a car to Due Pozze to get home with.
  • From Telegrafo Refuge, go back and take path no. 5 Forcella Valdritta which brings you back to San Michele: + 5 hours.
  • Go back the same way that you came: +3.5 hours.

If you can, stop and stay the night at the Telegrafo Refuge G.Barana and carry on walking the next day!

Route starting point

The top station of the Malcesine Monte Baldo Cable Car which is in località Tratto Spino. Follow this link
to find out prices and timetable of the Cable Car.

Tourism Department

Piazza Statuto, 1
37018 Malcesine (VR), Italy
+39 045 6589904/28

Information Office

Bus stop - Malcesine center
Via Gardesana, 238
+39 045 7400044
Closed from November to March

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