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In recent years, the world of water sports has been changing and developing greatly, both in terms of the equipment used and the activities involved.

Watersports offer new challenges and experiences for enthusiasts, finding ever more dynamic and exciting new ways to enjoy the water.

One of the disciplines which has most benefited from these innovations, attracting thrillseekers to the world of water sports, is windfoil.

A very popular activity which is now also an Olympic sport.

Windfoil on Lake Garda at Malcesine

Windfoil is a sport which differs from windsurfing thanks a new innovation: a foil, a special fin under the board with hydrodynamic attachments.

This addition causes the board to rise out of the water, reducing friction and allowing surfers to pick up speed more quickly, giving the feeling of “flying” over the water.

wing surf

Windfoil is a fairly new sport. It has only emerged onto the water sports scene in the last few years.
It has immediately proven very popular and become one of the fastest growing sports, even attracting long-standing windsurfers.

Speed, balance and the challenge.

These are the ingredients which make this new sport so exciting. Flying at high speed above the water is a truly unique experience.

Is windfoil in Malcesine a sport for all?

Windfoil is a watersport which is suitable for anyone who enjoys speed, the feeling of wind in their hair, and who good balance.
If you have some experience of water sports, this new and exciting discipline could be for you.

You can visit one of the sailing schools or specialist centres in Malcesine, such as Fraglia Vela Malcesine sailing club, which offers windfoil courses to suit all levels from beginners to intermediate and advanced.
The instructors will help you to quickly pick up the basic techniques so that you can immediately start enjoying splashing around in the water of Lake Garda at Malcesine.

The courses will also help you to improve your balance, control and safety skills.
You can borrow or hire the necessary equipment through the school.

When is the best time of year for trying windfoil in Malcesine?

The season for “flying” over the water begins in March and ends in October.

Malcesine and Lake Garda enjoy the perfect climate for water sports.
Throughout the year there are many major events and unmissable competitions. You can also train alongside greats of the sport from Italy and abroad since Malcesine offers the perfect climate for practising your skills every day.

What makes this such a perfect venue is the wind: the Peler blows in the morning and the Ora arrives in the afternoon, the driving forces behind all sports on Lake Garda.
However, windfoil only requires a wind speed of less than 10 knots, so it does not take much wind to be able to fully enjoy this incredible sport.

Malcesine and Lake Garda are the perfect destination for trying your hand at windfoil!

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