From Monte Baldo to Malcesine along the eastern slopes


Trail description

From Tratto Spino, go downhill along the off-road track that starts at the cable car station signed for Bocca Navene until you reach the Refuge of that name.

From this Refuge, you go uphill on a tarmac road until you reach the Graziani Refuge.

Go across the car park next to Graziani Refuge and you will find path 650 - keep right until you get to an easy off-road track.

Go over a cow gate and you will be at Malga Bes.
Carry on on the right along a gentle downhill track until you reach another gate which you go over.

You will find a tarmac road and go left downhill on this for a few kilometres through San Valentino and San Giacomo.
Just before San Giacomo, there is a good uphill stretch.

After San Giacomo Hotel you will see a church. Keep the church on your right and take the path that is on your left.

Go across the car park and there is a fast piece of up and downhill track which you follow until you arrive at a closed gate.

After the gate, take the path on your right which goes steeply dowhill on a loose based path which requires good technique - if in doubt, get off and push your bike!

The path quickly flattens out and you follow it onto a cement path where you turn right and carry on downhill to Festa.

You will find yourself in front of a big pasture where you turn right, then straight away left on a tarmac road that goes
around the pasture.

Go right above the football field when the tarmac track finishes.

Turn left and then right along another small path.
Another cement road will then take you downhill to the small village of Castion.

From Castion, carry on along the road on your left until you get to a crossroads where you turn right and go on to Sano.

Go through the village centre and turn left then right on a small road.

At the fork in the road, go left and go along the path behind the Loppio fruit fields.
At the next fork, go right until you reach Loppio.
Here you get onto the cycle path which goes towards Torbole/Lake Garda.

At the traffic lights go across the road, turning right and going dowhill on the old Nago road which goes down to the Lake at Torbole. Watch out for cars coming uphill!

At Torbole you can get back to Malcesine by cycling along the Gardesana Road taking great care in the tunnels, or you can take the easy route by using the ferry that stops in Torbole.

Tour starting point

The top station of the Malcesine Monte Baldo Cable car which you find at Tratto Spino. Follow this link for prices and timetable of the cable car.

Tourism Department

Piazza Statuto, 1
37018 Malcesine (VR), Italy
+39 045 6589904/28

Information Office

Bus stop - Malcesine center
Via Gardesana, 238
+39 045 7400044
Closed from November to March

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