Paragliding on Monte Baldo

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A mixture of adrenaline and excitement, the perfect cocktail for your paraglider flight! If you choose a paraglider flight above Malcesine, the take-off point is on Monte Baldo and you are in for an incredible experience.

45 N 46.70 - 010° E 51.80
The take off is wide and easy, located on Monte Baldo, less than a km from the top station of cablecar Malcesine Monte Baldo.
It is possible to take off from the east or the west, taking care of the demarcated areas for grazing and pasture.


45° N 46.930 - 010° E 49.070
The landing is located along the lake shore, 2km north of Malcesine and clearly visible during the flight.
The landing exposure allows you to fly both morning and afternoon.

The conditions for landing during a regular day: in the morning there is the north wind (Peler) that dies away at about 11, to be replaced by the south wind (Ora)in the early afternoon. The Ora usually decreases in the evening.

During summer months you can find strong winds.
The landing zone is held by the Paragliding Club Malcesine: during the season they arrange a bar service at 3600.

Also during the season, for an extra fee, a recovery service is available if you deliberately or accidentally land in the water. For the charges, read the Paragliding Club regulations.

The landing is free for individual, non-commercial flights. To go back to Malcesine there is the Tourist Bus, which stops in front of the landing zone every hour.

Useful tips

To fly in Malcesine licence, insurance and life jacket are mandatory.
Life jackets are available for free from the Hotel Ideal on Gardesana road 228, where Claudio, the president of The Paragliding Club Malcesine, will also be happy to give you some very useful tips on flying and the weather.
You should take a look to the landing zone before going up Monte Baldo.
In case of landing in the water take off your harness immediately.
The weather on Lake Garda may change very quickly: pay attention to the locals and if you are in doubt ask them.

The flight characteristics in Malcesine

Thanks to the 1700 m of height difference the flight lasts less than 30 minutes. During your flight you enjoy a unique scenery: lake and mountains all around you will make you fall in love with our location.

In Malcesine you can fly all year round.

Take off on the eastern side has the same flight characteristics as the west but has better thermal conditions which allow you to do extraordinary long distance flights in all directions.

SIV courses

The take off on the west side makes you get on the vertical of the lake with over 1000 meters of altitude. This feature allows an extremely confident flight, so much so that lots of schools organize SIV courses (flight drawbacks simulations).
To know more on SIV courses please contact the club to book one.
Here is the Paragliding Club regulations.

Tandem flights

Malcesine and Lake Garda are also famous for the paragliding tandem flights with experienced pilots.
Just sit and relax, there is nothing you are requested to do and no physical skill is required.
Tandem flights are safe and easy and let you enjoy otherwise inaccessible views and feelings.
For more information come to the landing zone.

Contacts and useful numbers

Paragliding Club Malcesine: Tel. +39 335 6112902

Paragliding Club regulations
Anemometer takeoff:: Tel. +39 366 5944289

Tourism Department

Piazza Statuto, 1
37018 Malcesine (VR), Italy
+39 045 6589904/28

Information Office

Bus stop - Malcesine center
Via Gardesana, 238
+39 045 7400044
Closed from November to March

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