Nordic walking in Malcesine


Nordic walking combines walking with the use of specially designed poles whose aim is not supporting your body weight, but helping you pushing. Nordic walking means well-being, having fun and being open to meet new friends; it's good for your heart, it improves your blood circulation, it strengthens your arms and shoulders, it enhances your posture and tone up your butt and abs muscles.

Nordic walking is an easy, entertaining and inexpensive way to practice an outdoor activity.

If you are a beginner or if you prefer walking on a flat ground, you can walk on the cycle lane connecting Castelletto di Brenzone to Navene: the round trip is about 30 km. You walk along the beach through small towns, shores and small ports.

On the contrary, if you prefer walking in the middle of nature, you have a good network of paths on Mount Baldo.
In 2014 the first bilingual Nordic Walking Park including 17 km of trails was inaugurated.

The Park extends along the little villages of Brenzone, from Sommavilla to Castelletto: you should come and try it!

From 2016, Brenzone Nordic Walking Park has extended its territory of about 70 km with new trails reaching Malcesine's area.
Every itinerary, having a circular structure, is accessible from both ways, and presents the typical Nordic Walking slope.

There are itineraries inside the town, some others along the beach and uphill, leading you to Navene or Sommavilla and connected to the Nordic Walking Park of Brenzone.

Ascending further on, there are six more itineraries: one in San Michele, one in San Maggiore and the other four on Mount Baldo reaching an altitude of 1760 meters, or even beyond.

Come and try, we are sure you will like it.

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