Malcesine a “Walled Towns of Veneto”


The “Città Murate del Veneto” Association was founded in 1997 with the support of the Veneto region.
It is an organisation which brings together some of the most beautiful and ancient fortified towns in Veneto.

At present the association has more than 30 member towns from right across this diverse region. Each of these towns has its own unique and surprising features, with some of the most important military architecture in the region.

Any visitor to these towns will be able to enjoy the great legacy of a past which has been painstakingly preserved. Malcesine is one of the member towns of this association.

In the past, great castles and imposing walls surrounding the whole of the old town were built across the region, particularly in the frontier regions. These structures were built to protect the towns from frequent invasions and bitter feuds between rival nobles, kings and dukes.

The buildings offer a link to a distant past, a living history, as witnessed by the pockmarked walls of the Castello Scaligero.The castle has played an important role in Malcesine’s history. It was built as a defensive fortress and was used by the Longobards as a military outpost before in the Middle Ages becoming the residence of the ruling family of Verona, the Scaligeri. Over the centuries, the castle was the scene of numerous battles between the powers of northern Italy, in particular Venice and Milan.
A place steeped in the wonders of the past. The stones that make up the mighty walls tell the story of centuries of history.

And inside the town walls you will find beautiful old streets featuring historic stores which offer the faintly surreal experience of uniting the past and present in this enchanting setting.
Malcesine is the perfect destination of anyone looking to experience the wonders of a beautiful Mediaeval town which has been so wonderfully preserved over the centuries.A visit to our “walled town” of Malcesine is the perfect opportunity to explore a place where the historic architecture blends seamlessly with the stunning lakeside location.

Being part of the “walled towns of Veneto” association is about being part of a shared identity with the rest of the Veneto region, a land rich in cultural, historical and architectural treasures.

A heritage to explore and to savour.

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37018 Malcesine (VR), Italy
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Bus stop - Malcesine center
Via Gardesana, 238
+39 045 7400044
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