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In Malcesine you can enjoy local produce and prefer zero-mile cuisine. We want to recommend a dish for you to cook, with lavaret, an ingredient that is always available. A typical fish of Lake Garda cuisine.
An indispensable course, this famous fresh lake fish is a main ingredient that makes Veneto cooking good, thanks to its delicious and delicate taste.


How to eat lavaret or whitefish?

Traditional Garda whitefish recipes are varied, and you’ll find lavaret on the best menus in Malcesine restaurants.
Lavaret dishes are cooked in various ways, especially in its classic and grilled expression.

Below, we would like to introduce you to an all-you-can-taste speciality of Malcesine, brought to you by creative chefs who, from the traditional cooking style, are inspired to achieve new refined flavours that are great for the palate.
To achieve a high-quality dish, the essential culinary approach is to use fresh produce, consider the ingredients in season and local ingredients.

The lavaret fillet recipe below is an authentic, flavourful, and wholesome dish of lean fish.
With its lightness, and having hardly any bones, it is also quite suitable for children.

We include a special ingredient, Garda saffron, that allows lake fish to retain its gentle flavours and pairs gently. As a final treat, we invite you to use Malcesine olive oil.

To make this likeable dish, you need the following ingredients:

  • 2 Lake Garda lavaret fillets
  • Saffron produced in Trentino
  • Breadcrumbs
  • 1 small courgette
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 piece of leek
  • Malcesine's Olive oil
  • Venere black rice

How do you prepare lavaret with saffron, wild black rice and vegetables?

Start boiling the wild black rice, then, as soon as it is ready, add it with oil and salt to the sautéed fresh vegetables. Mix well.
Coat the skinless lavaret fillet with breadcrumbs and saffron, then brown it in a pan, also with Malcesine olive oil.

Next, proceed with plating: put the portion of wild black rice and vegetables on a place, creating a nice contrast between the black rice and the bright colours of locally grown vegetables.
Place the browned lavaret fillet on top. Et voilà! You will have a fine and vibrant Lake Garda dish!

Although it is simple to prepare, this dish, made with lavaret, is very popular in Malcesine for its just right soft and crispy flavour!

Make this Garda speciality regularly at home! Have a good time preparing it and enjoy your meal!

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