Fireworks display on Lake Garda

A fireworks display above the lake, facing the shoreline in Malcesine.

26 July marks the annual feast of Saint Ann in Malcesine. What better time could there be to visit our beautiful Mediaeval town for a day of celebrations, combining culture, tradition, food, beauty and fun!
Come experience the vibrant atmosphere for yourself.

Lake Garda offers many events during the summer but the Festa di Sant’Anna fireworks is one of the most thrilling and spectacular of them all.

In the charming lakeside destination of Malcesine, elected one of Italy’s most beautiful small towns, spend a magical evening watching the colourful display.

Malcesine’s fireworks are the culmination of the day’s celebrations, lighting up the night sky, the reflections of the fireworks dancing across the surface of Lake Garda and illuminating the mighty Castello Scaligero.

The shore of Lake Garda is the perfect setting for the fireworks display to mark the annual feast of Saint Ann and it never fails to take the breath away. An unforgettable experience for young and old alike, whether you live here or are on holiday.

The Feast of Saint Ann and the fireworks display are just a couple of the many special events which take place in Malcesine throughout the summer. There is a wide variety of cultural, artistic and music events which make any visit to Lake Garda an even more special experience.

Where to watch the fireworks display in Malcesine

To get the most out of the show, we recommend that you arrive in plenty of time to find a good viewpoint along the lake shore in Malcesine. The fireworks show is at 10.30 pm.

This is always a very popular event, so remember that with more people than usual in the town you may have trouble finding somewhere to park and the surrounding areas may be more crowded. This is why we recommend using public transport or arriving on foot, wherever possible.

Do not miss the chance to see this incredible spectacle for yourself, a tribute to the wonder of Lake Garda and the rich culture of Malcesine.

We are waiting for you!

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