Delicacies you can enjoy in Malcesine


Tourism in the Malcesine area to taste delicatessen foods certainly offers plurality and richness. The flavours here will treat you to unique emotions and pleasures.
Strong characters stand out in a traditional cuisine with a lively flavour. If you are looking for special gourmet products and delicacies from Malcesine, you will definitely find them.

What should you eat in Malcesine? Appetite comes with eating!

Each mouthful will be a journey through flavours and aromas that reflect the richness and diversity of this fabulous area: Malcesine and Lake Garda.

You will discover delicious food starting with the local appetizers, such as cheeses and cold cuts from Mount Baldo.
You can continue with Malcesine’s well-known culinary speciality, cornmeal mush with salami paste and cheese, or enjoy the traditional handmade fresh pasta: bigoli served with any sauce.

Risottos with fish caught in the lake or with mushrooms, and the famous Mount Baldo truffle are also a must. And then sardines with onions, pine nuts and raisins; chub meatballs; whitefish baked in foil; pike with cornmeal mush; boiled beef; and grilled whitefish.

There are many dishes in Malcesine containing trout, a very common fish of Lake Garda. But you can also enjoy some dishes made with meat and game from Mount Baldo; they will amaze you!

Lake Garda treats. Dulcis in fundus

For a sweet break, you can dip traditional Lake Garda cookies into your tea or coffee. Called San Vigilini, even Winston Churchill enjoyed some during his visit in the 1940s.
They embody simplicity. Made with simple but quality ingredients—eggs, sugar, butter, and raisins—they treat you to an exquisite taste experience.

Another Malcesine sweet to discover for breakfast or for a tasty and rustic snack is fogàsa gardesana, a traditional dessert, genuine and simple, made with affordable ingredients. What makes it so special is the Garda P. D. O. olive oil.
This sweet encapsulates the robust and authentic flavour of the area.

There is no better way to end a trip to Mount Baldo than enjoying a delicious slice of pie with the fresh fruits in season.
It is the perfect sweet for restoring your energy after a day of hiking, or after a long walk on the lake shore.

Where can you find special products and delicacies in Malcesine?

The culinary art of the Lake Garda area can be found in many shops, and you can discover them in the colourful streets in the centre of Malcesine or at the weekly Saturday market.

Be sure to visit these hospitable treasure chests not only to buy, but also to meet local producers, passionate people who have dedicated their lives to preserving and promoting the produce grown on their land. They always welcome tourists and travellers with a smile and will be happy to share their stories and enthusiasm with you.

What souvenir should you buy while on vacation at Malcesine on Lake Garda?

Taking a local product home means having a real reminder of this corner of paradise called Lake Garda!

From the delicious olive oil from Malcesine to the best wines from Veneto, from olive liqueur, made from an infusion of olive leaves and twigs, to various grappe (Italian brandies). Finally, you can choose from truffles, organic honey from Mount Baldo, and various fresh products such as stuffed olives, cold cuts, and cheeses.

If you have a weakness for cooking and appreciate good flavours at mealtime, Malcesine’s fine delicatessen foods are truly a riot of mouthwatering, wholesome flavours that will remain etched in your heart.

Enjoy your meal!

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