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A tour to Campo di Brenzone sul Garda

Trail from Malcesine to the old Medieval village of Campo di Brenzone, at Lake Garda

The tour

A circular tour leading you from Malcesine to Campo di Brenzone sul Garda and passing through Castelletto along the cycle lane on the way back.

You are in for 600m of height difference (both in ascent and descent) on a 25 km long route.

Located at 200m of height and reachable only on foot or by bicycle, the old village of Campo is a magic place where time seem to have stopped. There you will find a couple of typical small bars, where a free offer is the only way of payment. The Little John's lab and the various exhibits set up in the houses of the village are also worth a visit.

You will have the chance to know many other small villages along the way. Take your time and enjoy every instant.

By bike

campo di brenzone by bike

It's a must-do cross country trail.
If you can sit on a saddle then you have all you need, as riding skills are required only in very small sections.

On foot

campo di brenzone a piedi

If you don't want to ride, you can reach Sommavilla by car, in this case the trail will be reduced of 10 km.
You can leave your car in the little parking lot in Sommavilla. Coming from Malcesine, take the first uphill street on the left after the roundabout in Cassone. The parking lot is at the end of the street, on the right.

Tour description

From the station of Malcesine head south and take the Via Panoramica on the left, just next the Ideal Hotel.

Keep going upwards to the first hairpin and turn right to reach Val di Sogno. Go down and cross the main street, commonly called "Gardesana" and follow the cycle lane to Cassone, to the south. Once in Cassone, cross the road again and go up to the short but intense ascent leading you to the church.

Keep going and turn right on several ups and downs, on tarmac, passing through Sommavilla, Castello and Boccino. Right outside Boccino, take a little street on the left to Cà Romana (make sure to avoid the National street, via Gardesana).

From Cà Romana turn left on a steep ascent. Now keep the right and leave the tarmack road to reach Campo, first on white road, then on mule track.

After a short break in Campo, move to Castelletto taking the path below the church to the left of the fountain.

At the crossroad turn left and don't leave the path until you get to Biaza, there you'll find the road leading you to Prada and San Zeno di Montagna. Go down on the right, at the crossroad keep right again and, passing through the old centre of Castelletto di Brenzone you will find the main street, via Gardesana.

From there, go back to Malcesine following the cycle lane along the beach passing through Magugnano, Porto, Assenza, Cassone and Val di Sogno.

Starting point

The starting point of this is route is the information office of Malcesine, at the bus station, on the via Gardesana.


Bike: difficulty (1/5) and time
Difficulty 3
Technical difficulty 3
Physical training 2
Time 3 ore
Length 25km
Trekking: difficulty (1/5) and time
Difficulty 2
Technical difficulty 2
Physical training 2
Time 2,5 ore
Length 12,5km
Scenic appeal (1/5)
Landscape 5
Impression 4
Starting height 90m
Maximum height 220m
Height difference - ascent/descent 600m - 600m
Period of the year Accessible all year round
Huts/shelters along the way yes
Circular tour yes