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Trekking on Mount Baldo

Excursions and routes in Malcesine and on Mount Baldo

Mount Baldo is stunning, majestic, panoramic and heterogeneous.

The Nature, the season colours, the plays of light between lake and mountain won't let you down. We have walked for so many years here, month after month, and we still can't get tired of it!
One of the main reason is that, you can walk all year round on Mount Baldo. The mountain is not so crowded during low season: the charming and quiet atmosphere is worthy to be discovered.

If you go up from the lake to the mountains peaks it's easy to perceive both vegetation and weather changing.
Knowing Mount Baldo means to be ready to walk at different altitudes.

The first paths start a few metres away from the beach and some of them can reach very high altitudes. Cima Valdritta, for instance, is the highest of Mount Baldo, reaching an altitude of 2218 m a.s.l.

You can find some easy routes, the majority of which on tarmac, from Malcesine to San Michele and in the hills: these are perfect for all those who need to get away from the hustle of the town during the summer.

malcesine passeggiata

Malcesine Monte Baldo cable car brings you from Malcesine or from the mid-station to Tratto Spino on Mount Baldo at 1760 m of altitude.

In Tratto Spino, next to the cableway, some easy and panoramic routes await you: they are perfect if you want to spend a few hours in contact with nature. Needless to say, there is no lack of nice views and of nice places where you can have a rest and try some local dishes.

If you already have some experience, on the contrary, the Malcesine Monte Baldo uphill station could be the starting point for challenging trekking itineraries, which sometimes can last a few days.

Trekking  Telegrafo Monte Baldo

Good behaviour in the mountains and respect for nature

Enjoying the mountains fully means reducing the risks in order to make the most of your excursion.
Before leaving, you should find out about the difficulty of your itinerary, tell someone where you are going and always walk along marked trails.

Carry along a waterproof backpack with your water bottle and some food. Wear mountain boots with non-slip soles, warm clothing to keep you warm and to protect you from the wind. Don't forget your map and your sunscreen lotion.

You are responsible for the beauty of the places you are visiting!

Respect nature, don't make any noise, don't pick up flowers, do not light fires and carry home all your garbage.

To the hiker, the modern user of these paths, have been given in trust the memories, the histories and preservation of this priceless cultural inheritance.

This is what our friend at CAI say, their motto is "Walk to know and protect".

CAI, Italian Alpine Club Alpino identifies, marks and takes care of paths.

Walking is a simple natural movement we learn since an early age; walking in the mountain in contact with nature is good for your mind and body. It will revitalize you.