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From the lake to the mountain: the wood and the views

Trekking tour from Malcesine to Tratto Spino going up along path n. 10 and Prai


The tour

A medium difficulty tour from the shores of Malcesine to Mount Baldo going up from the mule tracks, the wood and the meadows of Mount Baldo.

An 11 kilometers hike awaits you involving 1815 m of elevation gain and 152 m of elevation loss.

This is a rather challenging tour, entirely uphill, but varied and gratifying.
Go up along the old mule tracks and zigzag in the wood until you reach one of the most panoramic paths of Mount Baldo.

Tour description

Take Via Navene Vecchia from Malcesine, after around a km, at the end of the ascent, take the uphill street to the right. Keep going on a mule track, turn left at the first crossroad and turn right at the second crossroad.

Cross the panoramic street and keep going up following the road signs to Mount Fubia - San Michele.
After a steep ascent, leave the concrete road and start walking on the path.
When you reach the cossroad keep right and go up towards Faigo and San Michele on path n. 4.

Once you are in Faigo, you find a large meadow, go straight on towards the street and turn left following road signs to Prai/Mount Baldo, path n.10.

Path n. 10 (Solitaria o sentiero del Pino) leads to Prai at around 1400 m of altitude.

The path is mostly in the wood, zigzag upward on moved stones and undergrowth with an 1 in 5 gradient.

path 10 malcesine wood

Immediately outside the wood you can find Prai, keep going up on the left along the road of Prai that, after about a kilometer, connects with the beginning of the Ventrar path.

When you are here, take the path on the right which goes up cutting the meadows, keep going until you reach the uphill cable car station Malcesine Monte Baldo cable car in Tratto Spino.

This last section is really nice, with wonderful views over all Lake Garda.

You can come back to Malcesine from Tratto Spino catching the Cablecar.

Going up from San Michele

If you want to reduce the tour, you can leave from the cable car middle station in San Michele.
From the station, take the main downhill road to the north of the station. At the crossroad, take the uphill street on the right.
At the end of the steep ascent turn left on the white road following the road signs to Faigo. Once in Faigo, before the large meadow, follow the road signs on the right, path n. 10.
In tis case the tour is reduced of 4 km with and the incline is reduced of 560 m.

Tour starting point

Leave from Tourist Office Centre in Malcesine, at the bus station, on the via Gardesana.


Difficulty (1/5) and time
Difficulty  3
Technical difficulty 3
Physical training 3/4
Time 3,5/4 hours
Scenic appeal (1/5)
Landscape 5
Impression 4
Length 11 km
Starting height 90 m
Maximum height 1780 m
Height difference - ascent/descent 1815 m - 152 m
Period of the year from May to the end of October, without snow
Huts/shelters along the way no
Circular tour no