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Aril River in Cassone

The shortest river in the World is 175 m long and it is situated in Cassone, Malcesine


This short river, passing through the village of Cassone, is named Aril.

It is a potential potable source for the inhabitants of the area, as well as being a singular environmental resource from both a structural and a panoramic point of view.

Despite its short course, whose lenght is only 175 m, Aril River flows under three bridges and has a waterfall.
The river flows into Lake Garda and has, on average, a moderate flow rate of about 1.5 m3/sec.

The source of Aril River has been employed by a power station and has provided energy to the olive oil mill from 1889 to 1913.

cassone malcesine

The source is situated in the old town centre of Cassone, a few metres away from the lake.
At the source you can find a spring forming a little lake, there, water is cool and trouts go up the river to spawn their eggs.

You can find The Museum of the Lake in Cassone next to the river mouth.

During the Christmas holidays you can admire a floating nativity scene which has been set up for more than 20 years at the river source from the Association "Amici del presepio" of Cassone.

Visit the little village of Cassone if you feel like spending some time in a quiet place where time seems to have stopped.