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Circular tour of the Madonna dell'Accoglienza

Nordic walking and trekking route in the hilly area of Malcesine


The tour

A panoramic circular tour from Malcesine to the panoramic terrace of the Madonna dell'Accoglienza going up along the Vacco mule track.

Be ready for a 6,5 kilometers hike involving 530 m of both elevation gain and loss.

It's a very panoramic tour along the mule tracks, the paths and the olive tree groves of Malcesine. Perfect to take a break and stay in the midst of nature.
The panoramic terrace of the Madonna dell'Accoglienza deserves a visit.

The route on foot

An easy route suitable for everyone. The first part on the Vacco mule track is the hardest.

The nordic walking route

This is route n. 2 of the Nordic Walking Park.
A red medium route presenting some sections in which the practice of the nordic walking technique is not possible.

Route description

From Malcesine take the Via Navene Vecchia and, after about 1 km, at the end of the ascent, take the uphill street on the right and then the Vacco mule track. At the first junction keep on the right, at the second junction turn on the right again and keep going up until you reach the Panoramic street.

Head South on the Panoramic street for about one kilometer and, before a steep ascent, go down on the right following the road signs to Malcesine, Paier.
Keep on the left and go down on a tarmac road to get to Località Paier. Take the uphill path on the left with road signs to the "Madonna dell'Accoglienza".

At the path end, you can find, on the right, a set of stairs leading to the Panoramic terrace of the Madonna dell'Accoglienza.

Keep going down on a descent toward the South until you arrive on the Panoramic street immediately after the Val di Monte Hotel. Don't leave the Panoramic street while walking southward and when the descent starts, take the little street that you can find on the left, at the third hairpin turn. This little street reduces the Panoramic street.

At the end of the little street you arrive at the Panoramic street that you have to follow to go back to Malcesine.

Route starting point

Leave from the Tourist Information Centre of Malcesine, at the bus station, on the via Gardesana.


Nordic walking: degree of difficulty† (1/5) and time
Difficulty red (medium)
Time 1,5 hour
Trekking: degree of difficulty† (1/5) and time
Difficulty  2
Technical difficulty 1
Physical training 2
Time 1,5 hour
Scenic appeal (1/5)
Landscape 5
Impression 4
Length 6,5 km
Starting height 90 m
Maximum height 336 m
Height difference - ascent/descent 533 m - 531 m
Period of the year All year round
Huts/shelters along the route no
Circular route yes