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Circular tour of Navene - Val Bova

Circular tour inside the holm oak forest of Val Bova, Navene


The tour

The route of Val Bova is situated in Navene, inside a holm oak forest.

Be ready for a 3,6 kilometers route involving 300 m of elevation gain and loss.

It's an easy and short route, suitable for anyone.
You should try it if you feel like spending some time in the quietness of the wood.

The route on foot

Easy and relaxing, suitable for anyone without difficulties.

The route by bicycle

Medium/easy, useful for beginners who have to practise riding a bike on a path or moved stones. Inside the wood there are many little streets.
It's a repeatable, mixed, easy and enjoyable route with many ups and downs.

The Nordic Walking Park

This is the Nordic Walking Park n. 4 route.
An easy, light blue tour. You walk on forest roads, paved streets and paths. The Nordic Walking discipline can't be practiced in some sections.

The route on foot

Nice and perfect for training. You can run on different kind of ground, with some flat sections and some ups and downs.

Route description

From the parking area, go ahead to the North, after about 300 meters turn left and follow a path for just a few meters. Immediately after, go up on the right on a paved street and take the dirt road on the right which starts with a bar.
Follow the forest road on a constant ascent until you find, on the left, some road signs to Val di Bova. Don't leave the path inside the wood until you reach a lamp post with a panoramic view, turn left and follow the path to reach the tennis fields of Navene. Keep going down on a paved road and turn left to go back to the parking area before the last descent leading you on the Via Gardesana.

Route starting point

Start from the Tourist Information Centre in Malcesine, at the bus station, on the Via Gardesana.


Walking: degree of difficulty (1/5) and time
Difficulty 1
Technical dificulty 2
Physical training 2
Time 1 hour
Bicycle: degree of difficulty(1/5) and time
Difficulty 2
Technical difficulty 2
Physical training 2
Time 30 minutes
Nordic walking: degree of dificulty (1/5) and time
Difficulty light blue
Time 1 hour
Jogging: degree of difficulty (1/5) and time
Difficulty  2
Technical difficulty 2
Physical training 2
Time 30 minutes
Interest (1/5)
Landscape 3
Impression 2
Length 3,6 km
Starting height 100 m
Maximum height 200 m
Height difference - ascent/descent 300 m - 305 m
Period of the year All year round
Huts/shelters along the way no
Circular tour yes