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Jogging, running and trail running in Malcesine and on Mount Baldo

From the lake to the mountain: you can run anywhere in Malcesine


In Malcesine you can run anywhere, you just have to choose what kind of itinerary you want to do.

If you prefer running on a plain ground, you can run on the cycle path along the shore. The cycle path starts in Navene, 5 km to the north of Malcesine and ends in Castelletto di Brenzone, 10 km south of Malcesine.Running on the cycle path is anything but boring as the landscape keeps changing: just think about the small shores, the bays, the ports and the small villages to the south of Malcesine. What is more is that, there are also the lake and the mountains, making running even more enjoyable.

If you are looking for a more varied kind of training or uphill running you can run on the hills, among the olive tree groves, enjoying a wonderful hill-top panorama of the lake.

If you want to experience trail running, then you have an entire mountain at your disposal with different kind of ground: stones, moved stones and undergrowth, on different slopes. Everything depends on your training level.

Ascending further on, the view becomes more and more enchanting: the energy of the little town gradually disappears making way for the silence and the beauty of nature.

monte fubia malcesine trail running

Since October 2011 the two distance Lake Garda Mountain Race has become an unmissable event. Both races start from the beach and end on Mount Baldo, the shortest to Tratto Spino and the second to Cima Pozzette.
Two different itineraries awaits you: the first one is a 9-kilometers run involving 1700 m of elevation gain and the second is a 12-kilometers run involving 2000 m of elevation gain. The slogan of the competition says "Touch water and sky"; the two routes start from the lake, then gets to the uncontaminated woods and ends in one of the highest peaks of Mount Baldo, Cima Pozzette.
The route is measured and signposted.

During the same month, the Lake Garda Marathon also takes place on the "Via Gardesana" with three different routes: the classic 42,195 kilometers run, the 30 kilometers and the 15 kilometers run.

Running is good for both your body and your mind. Running in the middle of nature with our wonderful panoramas is wonderful, come and try it!