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Huts of Mount Baldo tour

Route from Tratto Spino to Prà Alpesina


The tour

The tour passes through the upper part of the Alpine huts Zocchi, Bocca di Navene refuge, and the lower part of Alpine Huts Zocchi, Tratto Spino, and Alpine Huts La Pra to reach the Chalet Prà Alpesina, at the entry of Prà Alpesina chair lift.

Be ready for a 8,3 km route involving 245 m of elevation gain and 551 m of elevation loss.

The route passes through a secular beech trees wood and it presents some sections on dirt road, and some others on paved road and path.

When you reach Prà Alpesina, you can go back to Tratto Spino with the Prà Alpesina chair lift or you can walk along the Valletta path that leads directly to Tratto Spino. Take this path 1 km before reaching the Chalet Prà Alpesina: it is situated on your right going up towards the peak of Mount Baldo. The path is 1,2 km long and presents an elevation gain of about 266 metres.

The route on foot

It's an easy route on easy grounds without any particular difficulty.

The Nordic Walking route

This is the Nordic Walking Park of Mount Baldo n. 4 route.
It's a red, medium difficulty tour. In some sections and in the ascent and descent connection to and from Tratto Spino, the Nordic Walking technique can't be practiced.

Route starting point

From the uphill cable car station, go left and follow the road signs to Bocca di Navene along path 651 going down on an easy white road to Bocca Navene where you can find Bocca Navene Refuge.
From the refuge, cross the street and take the path below, walk to the south until you end up on the Graziani paved road. From here, walk for about one kilometer, always to the South, to get to Chalet Prà Alpesina.

How to reach the itinerary starting point

The Malcesine Monte Baldo cable car uphill station is located in Tratto Spino. You can find the cableway ticket costs and opening hours in this link.


Trekking: degree of difficulty (1/5) and time
Difficulty  1
Technical difficulty 1
Physical training 1
Time 1,5 hour
Nordic walking: degree of difficulty (1/5) and time
Difficulty  red
Time 1,5 hour
Interest (1/5)
Landscape 3
Impression 3
Length 8,3 km
Starting height 1760 m
Maximum height 1760 m
Height difference - ascent/descent 245 m - 551 m
Period of the year Spring, Summer, Autumn
Huts/shelters along the way yes
Circular tour yes