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Lake Garda pike with sauce

Valerio and Vittorio from "Taverna dei Capitani" restaurant present their Lake Garda pike recipe

Pike is a fresh water fish characterized by a strong flavour and very tender meat, especially if it is stewed, as this kind of cooking brings out its features.

This recipe follows in detail the old traditional Lake Garda culinary culture, respecting the different steps and using local products.

Valerio, the cook, loves to stick to the traditional recipe, in order to give his guests the chance to feel the different shades of sapidity pike can acquire.


  • 4 skinless pike fillets
  • Vegetables to cook court bouillon
  • Extra virgin olive oil (preferably olive oil of Malcesine)
  • 2 tablespoons of salt-cured capers
  • 6 salt preserved lake sardines fillets


Prepare the traditional court bouillon, boil it, turn off the gas cooker, add the fillets and let them stand with the gas turned off for 15 minutes.
Cook the sauce in another pan. Heat olive oil with a clove of garlic (to be removed afterward), add lake Garda sardines and capers. Let it cool down and add minced parsley and garlic. Lay the fillets on a dish, add sauce and let it all stand for 24 hours. Serve with roasted polenta.

Taverna dei Capitani, founded in 1958, was the first restaurant opened in Malcesine. Its setting brings to mind the times of legendary battles, galleons and vassels led by fearless, audacious soldiers of fortune. The Restaurant also offers an inner garden nestled in a magnificent courtyard.

Taverna dei Capitani is located next to the port in Corso Garibaldi, Malcesine.