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Welcome to Lake Garda

Introducing Lake Garda: the paradise for holiday makers in Europe

Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy, is a tourist destination renowned all over the world.

The Northern part of the lake is surrounded by mountains whose highest peaks rise to 2000 m. The Southern part, situated to the north of the Po Valley, is wider and encircled by the hills which make the landscape even more stunning.

Thanks to its geographic structure, Lake Garda has so much to offer and it is a byword for sport, relax, entertainment and culture.
The landscape, the genuine atmosphere and the natural rhythm of life have always charmed the visitors.

Lake Garda: geography and climate

Lake Garda is the most Mediterranean among the Alpine lakes. It has always been considered by Central European countries as the first step towards the sunny Latin culture.

The lake is 52 km long, with a maximum width of 16 km. It lies at 65 m a.s.l. and its maximum depth is 365 m.
River Sarca is the main tributary among 25.Aril, the shortest river in the World, also flows into the lake while River Mincio is the only emissary.

Its main little island are: Isola dell'Olivo, isola di Sogno and Isola del Trimelone, situated between Malcesine and Assenza, whereas isola di Garda and Isola di San Biagio are near San Felice del Benaco.

lake garda mount baldo malcesine seasons

The basin of Lake Garda mitigates the climate, making the winter mild and the summer heat more tolerable.
The winds can make the weather change from town to town: remember to check carefully the weather forecast.

Depending on the season or the time of day, Lake Garda and the mountains offer different sceneries: lights and colours change over and over again. We have always lived here and we can't get tired of it.

Come to Lake Garda and to Malcesine for a revitalising holiday characterized by natural rhythm and surrounded by our wonderful environment.