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The Maroc of Cassone


The cliff

The cliff is situated in Cassone, to the South of Malcesine, along the path leading to Fiabi. The cliff is not so renowned, it is well-shaded and made up of four blocks of rock in the wood with 23 climbs between grade 4A to 7B.
It is suitable for families and beginners. The block of rock called "Maroc dell'Ora" has a overhanging side while the rest of the routes are all on plate.
The cliff also includes a boulder zone.

Click here to download the mountainside report and outline.


When you are in Cassone, near the Aril River, take the first uphill street to the East. When you reach the church, turn left and keep going straight until the little playground that you find on your right where you can park your car. Here, you can go up on foot for about 15 minutes following the signpost to Fiabi/Malga Fabio. The ascent is very steep. Once the tarmac road is over, take the path in the wood and, after a few meters, you can find the access to the cliff on your left. The access is marked with a little stone man.


Technical report
Type of mountain face plate - overhanging Western side
Time to get there 15 minutes
Parking area 10
Exposure north-south-west-east
Recommended length of the rope 60 m
Quality of iron work excellent
Climbs 23 climbs between 4a to 7b grade
Height 250 m
Fitted out by Associazione Ma.Rock