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Roberto Rizzotti

Roberto Rizzotti

Secretary of "Dirlindana", the Fishing association

Giacomo Roberto Rizzotti, was born in 1968 and he has run his family's bar for 20 years. Having always been fond of nature, he likes spending his free time fishing at the lake and picking mushrooms in the mountains.

Albeit reluctantly, I had to sell my boat. I work a lot and I can't use it any more but, I made a promise to myself to buy a new one, as soon as I have more free time to enjoy the silence and beauty that only Lake Garda and Mount Baldo can offer.

He is the secretary of "Dirlindana", the Recreational Fishing association of Malcesine. This activity, mainly based on taking care of the organisational and bureaucratic set up of the association, allows him to keep in touch with the fishing world.

His concerns are the recolonisation and preservation of the piscatorial fauna of Lake Garda, but also the diffusion of a sustainable culture in fishing against any form of poaching.